Yellow Pear Tomato – 10 Seeds – This European Variety is Serving us Since 1700s!


Yellow Pear Tomato – 10 Seeds – This European Variety is Serving us Since 1700s! – 10 Seeds

Yellow pear tomato being most common in all pear tomato variety. They are generally sweet, and are in the shape of a pear, but smaller! This rare coloured & rich flavoured tomato deserves a try!

One of the most delicious elegant tomato you will ever taste. This has become one of my favourites on very first day. This variety is sweet, crispy, juicy, thik fleshed, low acidic, firm texture and comes with traditional flavour. They are a very good source of Vitamin C. They are drought tolerant and need less maintenance so is ideal for home garden as well as good to grow in container.

Yellow Pear tomatoes are commonly eaten raw, but can also be used as a garnish, as an ingredient in many different dishes and sauces, or in drinks. They will add some extra colour to your food. This variety is not to be missed!

International Buyers:

If the postage is lost in transit and you do not receive them or your country’s custom confiscate the seeds, I won’t be responsible for it. You will not be refunded nor resend the seeds again. Please do not buy the seeds if you are not agreed to this terms. If you want me send through registered post, please contact me before you pay for the item.

Due to quarantine restrictions, seeds can’t be sent to Tasmania.
Growing Instructions:

They are very easy to grow & easy to maintain. This plant will continuously produce chilli for 4/5 months each year. Best time to sow seeds after frost. Seeds need minimum 20°C to germinate. Soak the seeds in water for about one hour before planting and sow them in 5mm deep in a sunny, well-drained position. Sow them indoor in warmer condition and transfer outside when mature enough to survive. Germinates between 3-5 weeks, depending on the weather condition.