Shishito Chilli – A Well Known Chilli Variety in Japanese Markets


Shishito Chilli – A Well Known Chilli Variety in Japanese Markets – 10 Seeds

The chilli is small and finger-ling sized, slender, and thin-walled. Although it turns from green to red upon ripening, it is usually harvested while green. The name refers to the fact that the tip of the chilli pepper looks like the head of a lion, and in Japanese it is often abbreviated as shishitō. (Source info)

For cooking, a hole is poked in the pepper beforehand to keep expanding hot air from bursting the pepper. It may be skewered then broiled (grilled), or pan-fried in oil, or stewed in a soy sauce- and dashi-based liquid. It is thin-skinned and will blister and char easily compared with thicker skinned varieties.

This is a famous Japanese chilli with sweet thin walls. They are high yield and grows up to 10cm in length. Chillies are dark green during their young age but turns glossy red when ripe. But for sweet aroma it’s better to use while still green. They are widely used in stir frying and tempura. This variety produces heaps of sweet and delicious chillies for months. They are sweet but you will find all the chilli flavour in it.

Sowing Instructions:
They are very easy to grow & easy to maintain. This plant will continuously produce chilli during warmer months. Seeds need minimum 20°C to germinate. With a proper care in frosty time this will survive up to 3 years. Soak the seeds in water for a few hours before planting and sow them around 5mm deep in a sunny, well-drained position. Germinates between 2-4 weeks. Grow indoor in extreme weather condition and then transfer when mature enough to survive.

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