RARE White Long Habanero Chilli – A Super High Yield & Extreme Hot Habanero


RARE White Habanero Long Chilli – Super High Yield & Extreme hot Chilli Variety – 10 Seeds

This is a rare long shaped and light white-green habanero variety. If you love hot Habanero chilli then try this!

This plant produces large, extreme hot chillies. They are a very high yield variety. The chilli turning from light white green to light orange & beautiful red when ripe.

This is a high yield variety and a single plant will produce hundreds of hot chillies for years! You will be surprised by their high yield!


How hot are they?

70 times hotter than JALAPENO
30 times hotter than TABASCO chilli

See the comparison in Scoville heat scale:

A Jalapeño logs about 5,000 on the heat scale and
A White Habanero about 4,23,000!!!! (over 400 thousand)

Due to quarantine restrictions, seeds can’t be sent to Tasmania.

Sowing Instructions:
They are very easy to grow & easy to maintain. This plant will continuously produce chilli during warmer months. Seeds need min 20°C to germinate. With a proper care in frosty time this will survive up to 3 years. Soak the seeds in water for a few hours before planting and sow them between 5mm deep in a sunny, well-drained position. Germinates between 2-4 weeks. Grow indoor in extreme weather condition and then transfer when mature enough to survive.