Black Stinger – An Unique Short Tail/Stinger Chilli Similar to Trinidad Scorpion


Black Stinger Chilli – An Unique Short Tail or Stinger Chilli Similar to Trinidad Scorpions – 10 Seeds

One of the most rare & extreme hot chocolate habanero which has a short little stinger. This variety produces loads of nutty flavored extreme hot chilli that can reach 450,000+ Scoville Heat Units (SHU) where a Jalapeño pepper produces between 3,500-8,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU)!!!

If you love extreme hot chilli then you will love this! This grows as a compact plant and grows maximum 70cm in height so good for container as well. The has intense fiery heat and beautiful spicy nutty flavour. This plant produces loads of extreme hot chillies for months. They are very heavy yield variety. The chilli turning from green to beautiful dark chocolate when ripe.

International Buyers:

If the postage is lost in transit and you do not receive them or your country’s custom confiscate the seeds, I won’t be responsible for it. You will not be refunded nor resend the seeds again. Please do not buy the seeds if you are not agreed to this terms. If you want me send through registered post, please contact me before you pay for the item.

Due to quarantine restrictions, seeds can’t be sent to Tasmania.

Sowing Instructions:
They are very easy to grow & easy to maintain. This plant will continuously produce chilli during warmer months. Seeds need minimum 20°C to germinate. With a proper care in frosty time this will survive up to 3 years. Soak the seeds in water for a few hours before planting and sow them around 5mm deep in a sunny, well-drained position. Germinates between 2-4 weeks. Grow indoor in extreme weather condition and then transfer when mature enough to survive.

Please read these terms before you buy:
Germination of seeds are not guaranteed as it depends on your expertise and also on many other situations (e.g cold temperature, too much or less watering, sowing too deep or too shallow etc.). But I can assure you all seeds are good & germination tested. If you are not agreed to these terms, sorry to say but please do not buy any seeds from the store.