Anaheim Chilli Pepper – A Beautifully Blanced Spicy Flavored Chilli – 20 Seeds


Anaheim Chilli Pepper – A Beautifully Balanced Spicy Flavored Chilli – 20 Seeds

Anaheim peppers are a mild variety of chili pepper used in many Mexican and New Mexican dishes cooking. They are very popular for making canned green chilles. This chilli pepper is named after the Southern California city where it was first grown commercially.

This paper is a mild variety and register between 1000 – 5000 Scoville Heat Units on the Scoville Scale.

They are green when young but turns beautiful red when mature. They are one of the most common chilies used in cooking in the United States.

If you want to try medium hot chilli then I would recommend this. They have a beautiful spicy flavor and similar heat level as Jalapeno chilli.

They are very easy to grow & easy to maintain. This plant will continuously produce chilli for 5/6 months each year. Best time to sow seeds after frost. Seeds need min 20°C to germinate. Harvest between 75-80 Days. With a proper care in frosty time this will survive up to 3 years.

Soak the seeds in water for 2/3 hours before planting and sow them around 5mm deep in a sunny, well-drained position. Germinates between 3-5 weeks, depending on the weather condition.

Due to quarantine restrictions, seeds can’t be sent to Tasmania.

Please read these terms before you buy:
Germination of seeds are not guaranteed as it depends on your expertise and also on many other situations (e.g cold temperature, too much or less watering, sowing too deep or too shallow etc.). But I can assure you all seeds are good & germination tested. If you are not agreed to these terms, sorry to say but please do not buy any seeds from the store.

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