42mm Jiffy Pallets (20 Pieces) – 100% Quality Coir Peat – $5.99


Jiffy Pallets (20 Pieces) – 100% Quality Coir Peat – 42mm Diametre – $5.99
Don’t know much about seeds germination? Here is the quick & easy solution how can get maximum germination rate from the seeds.
Put the pallets on a seed germination tray. You can use a cooking tray if you want! You only need to make sure you are not over watering them.

Wrap the tray with transparent cooking wrap to keep them warm and make a few small hole for good air circulation. Make sure they keep warm. Give them some water if needed.
Keep them moist but not wet.

Pour hot water on the tray. This hot water will disinfect the jiffy pellets!
When they start germinating then take the wrap out. Keep them somewhere so they get nice sunlight. Transfer them outside when mature enough to survive.
Wait a few minutes until they get big by soaking the hot water.
When the pellets cool down, make a small hole in the pellet. Sow the seeds and cover them nicely.

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